Download TubeMate Apk Latest Version For Android 2017

TubeMate ApkTubeMate Apk: This TubeMate application download 2017 is developed for Android users. but some best secret method is available which can possible to install this app. so, access all platform like iso, windows, PC. so, you have any smartphone available then you can able to install this application. so, first, i explain what is actually TubeMate and how it works? you read carefully this post with the amazing feature of TubeMate.

What is TubeMate?TubeMate is nothing but it is video downloader in different size with low memory size. generally, tubemate is developing for android users. you all about know what is youtube? youtube is a video streaming platform and you can also upload your video and share worldwide. We all want to download to special video from youtube. yes, tubemate apk is providing to download video with the different resolution like 140p, 240p, 360p, 480, 1080p all resolution you can download video with low memory but high quality. you can also download the 4k …

SEO in Design and Layout of a Website | how to SEO your website using layout

SEO in Design and Layout of a Website | how to SEO your website using layout

HI.friends,today we learn how to your website layout and design affect your ranking or your indexing Search Engine Optimization are work on layout and content how set images size and how heading,keyword keep real position all things are discuss this tutorial....

1) Keyword Placement: it target keyword place in right place on the page..text,header,headline,meta description and links  etc.proper keyword are placement is very important every page but its very important in to home,and use proper word for link:using a like "see more","read more" or "click her" use the word that describe its self.
2) Navigation: navigation are important that make user friendly that user can easily find the desired content in less time,so move from one step to another simple and quickly.
some useful notes that make optimal your navigation.
1)make your nave in near top of the page. 2)add navigation in fo…

how to seo using proper page title | seo in your website or blog

hi....friend today we are come to new topic in seo how to seo through your page title,how to ranking your site in used  proper page titl,how to seo using proper page title seo in your website or blog .
now followed my tips give below.

Page title in the title tag displayed on the title bar your browser . It is a part of the meta tags in the HTML inside the head ore title  area. The page title tells users and search engines about the type and nature of the information available on your page.

Some important instructions to write optimized title tags are listed below:

1)a Length: It should be a maximum of 60 characters long, i.e. Google usually displays the first 50 to 60 characters of a title tag. how to seo using proper page title | seo in your website or blog

2)the Keyword placement: Place the targeted keyword at the start of your title and keep the least important words at the end.

3)the Keyword separation: Use vertical lines or pipes to separate targeted keywords and phrases, i.e. …

Download Android Nougat 7.0 | How To Install Android Nougat

Download Android nougat 7.0 Here we are going to share the latest version of android nougat 7.0 for android user. It is a good news for who want new Android API for its android device. So here we are going to show you how to download and install Android nougat 7.0 latest version.Some time ago Google officially launched next version of android nougat 7.0 in the following devices. Nexus 9, Nexus 6P, Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Android one, Nexus Player, or Pixel C. But now i think it is available for all supported devices.

follows below steps to check your device received android nougat 7.0 update or not.Open Settings >> About >> System updates.Click on check for update option. please follows below instruction to backing up your device.go to Settings >>Backup & reset and make sure both Backup my data and Automatic restore are checked. 

If update is available on your device then you can easily download and install android nougat 7.0 and if update is not available on your device…

Instagram plus latest OGinsta+ mod apk

Hi Friends,Today we are Introducing you the Instagram plusv8.5.1 OGMod Apk. Instagram Plus is a modded and tweeked version of official Instagram. Now a day's Instagram is very popular social media app among all. It's a trend in youths. Using Instagram you can share your moments with everyone within the Instagram. You all know about GBWhatsapp And WhatsApp plus. Some of you are also using it right now. Today we are going to share with you Instagram+ latest modded app  with some new features. To download Modded version or customize version of an Instagram link is given below.
What's New in  Instagram+ (Plus)   v8.5.1 Updated Instagram+ base.More errors and Bugs are fixed. New Features of Instagram+ (Plus) are as follows:
The Main feature of Instagram+ is that you can downloadInstagram photos and videos. It's  true you can easily download Instagram photos and videos. So now say "bye-bye" to take screenshots of a photo that you likes.You can see profile pictures of y…

How To Download Video From YouTube

Now a days youtube is most famous for watching videos, songs, movies, cartoons, tech gadget videos and Education videos etc.
But most of the people not know how to download a video from youtube. it provide offline feature to download youtube video but after some days downloaded videos will disappear.
So in this post we would like to share how you can download videos and movies from youtube, dailymotion, etc. So carefully read this post to know how to download youtube videos.
In this post we will provide  different way to download youtube video from PC or Phones. First of all you have to decide where you want to download youtube videos either in a PC or Phones. For Android: If you want to download youtube videos in Android then you have 2 ways to download..
I know you think that 1 is to save video offline from YouTube. But it is not because if you save for offline then it will disappear after some days. So it is not one of them you think.
1st Way:  You can use this method on either PC…

SEO in google algorithm updates | Google Algorithm

hi friends today we discuses google algorithm that used to SEO your website,how to google used algorithm and which algorithm used and how it internally work that all things are discus it tutorial how to seo in your website so,lets start our seo tutorial.

Updates Of Google Algorithm. beginning in  90's mainly search engine work or focused on backlinks and keyword matching so,low quality website easy to high ranking thats targates exatct keyword have lots of backlink.
so,solve that problem used,google introduced algorithm to filter the result so that it could clean web.and google improve algorithm and efficinty search engine.
so,some algorithm updates given below:
2016 updates. penguin 4.0: penguin are annoused september 23,2016,in that few change like it part of algorithm.
Mobile Friendly Boost Updates: its launched in may 12,2016, to help friendly site on mobile.
2015 updates. panda 4.2: Google rollled out  panda refresh on the 17,july,2015 it has no immediate affecting ranking.