How to Remove Shortcut Virus

Hiii Friends,
              Today, we are going to tell you how you can remove shortcut virus from your USB drive or even from your affected PC or Laptop.
             Now a days we all use Internet and External drives for our different purposes. But as you all know when we are download files, videos, songs, photos, softwares, android apks, etc.. sometimes virus also attached with that files. So, when you are trying to run that particular file, it also runs virus. So, now your system is compromised.
              Sometimes, when you are transferring file from one device to another and the host device from which you are copying files is affected then your device also affect. If your Anti-Virus program first detects the virus so you can delete or repair that files, but sometimes it's too late to detect the virus. So in this case your anti-virus program not able to remove it from your system.
            There are many viruses and malware but well known virus is shortcut virus. Shortcut virus creates shortcut of any USB drive in it and it affects all the systems in which it will be used. You also experience this situation. When you are copying some files from your friends PC or laptop via some USB drive and his/her device is affected by shortcut virus but you are not aware of that and you also plug that USB drive in your device then you device also affect. To prevent this you have to download USBFix .

How to Remove Shortcut Virus: 

  • First, you have to download USBFix. In order to download this you just have to click on above link. It will redirect you to dropbox. Click on Download button.
remove shortcut virus by
  • Now install it in your system and it will automatically run on your system as you can see in the picture.
remove shortcut virus by
  • Click on Clean.
  • It will pop up dialog box. Click on OK. 
remove shortcut virus by
  • Again dialog box pop up again click on NO.          
remove shortcut virus by
  • And again dialog box pops, click on OK.
  • It will close your all your programs and also close explorer.exe until scan completes.
  • Due to closing of explorer.exe your all icons and task bar and start menu also goes so you will see nothing on the screen untill scan completes. You can see percentage of your scanned objects on top-left corner.
remove shortcut virus by
  • After completing scan you will see your desktop with all your icons and taskbar also. And it also generates report of the scan so you can see there the path of the virus and it also removes it.
  • Now, your system clean from shortcut virus. If you attach your defected USB drive before scan starts then it will also scan your USB drive and cleans it from virus.
  • USBFix removes most of virus from your system that can not be detected by your anti-virus program.
             It's a handy tool and also it's size is very low, maybe around 2-3 MB. So, come on, download it and Remove Shortcut Virus from your device. In the next post we will come up with a new topic how you can see your files and folders in your USB drive which are not visible due to affected by shortcut virus.



  1. you information about the anti virus is so great full. you information about how we can safe computer for virus. this articles and information so help full for any one computer user. i am also prefer your articles thanks friend


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