18+ Mini Militia cheats & Social group Feature To Become Pro Player

How to stay away from Mini Militia mod app player:Play Mini Militia game online with your social groups (like Whatsapp,FB etc..) friends.

Hi Friends, In this article, we are going to show you how to stay away from Mini Militia player who already using a mod game and we will give you 18+ cheats code, Tips, Tricks to become a pro player. We know that a player that install Mini Militia mod app that will never die and it will have powerful features, many unlock weapons, unlimited flying power, So we will not like to play Mini Militia online with this type of player because we will not able to face and win against that type of player. So we will give a trick to play Mini Militia game with your social group friends (like facebook, Whatsapp etc), Yes it is possible to play Mini Militia online with our selected player and stay away from mod a player and enjoy the game. But,generally we will also wish to get more and more point so we will also give here 18+ tips and trick to get more points. Read the bellow step to play Mini Militia game with your selected player.

1. Create an online group in your social app(Whatsapp / FB / hike) with the friends you wish to play.
2. Make sure all of your friends are available online for play game.
3. choose Multiplayer for custom play with your friends.
4. Then select Custom option.
5. Now a list of available servers will be loading on your screen.
6. Pick any one server from the list(Select any one). In my case, I have chosen "Battlezone Kilo"
7. On selecting JOIN you will end up in a page where you need to host a new game.
 8. Tap on "HOST" it will prompt you for a NAME of the game.
 9. Give any custom name which will be easy to share with your friends on the social group.
10. Once done you will now be able to see the game-play dashboard.

11. It's all set now. It's time to ask your friends to join the play. Just go to the social app group which you created with your selected friends and share the server name and the name of the game which you hosted.
12. Once everyone joins start enjoying the play with your friends.
13. You can also set "Password" to protect your game from other.
14. To do so, just tap on the Lock symbol at the bottom right of the screen. Then enter a custom password for protection.

15. Then, you may share the password with your friends to avoid strangers in your game play.

18+ Mini Militia cheats & Tips, Tricks To Become Pro Player & get more points without a mod app.

If you play Mini Militia online regularly then you will not that many players will get more points without a mod app, yes it is possible to get more points without a mod app. So we will give you tips and tricks to get more points, just read the following cheats to become a pro player.


  • As a personal experience we will suggest you to also use a bomb to get more points, but for this, you will have a technique to throw a bomb on other players if you throw in around you then it will minus your point and you will be suicide, so use a bomb with strategy.
  • When a bomb has been thrown on your side, sitting down would help you to have less impact on one’s health.
  • No use in getting into a combat with hacker player, as they would be in god mode.
  • Avoid use of  weapons like a piston which does not make a powerful impact on enemies.
  • Never get into a combat with a Pro player who has high scores and powerful weapon.
  • Keep the fly power (blue bar) high whenever possible so that it will be useful when trying to escape from a battle.
  • Always, keep your weapon reloaded before engaging into a battle.
  • Avoid getting in the middle of the attack which is been carried out between  players unless knowing how to kill them both players. 
  • Committing suicide is a better choice when the health is low rather than giving the points to the opposite  player by killing.
  • Replace your weapons as soon as possible if the ammo getting low without spare ammo to reload.
  • Throw the poison grenade (green grenade) in the place where the opponents would spawn that will kill the opponent automatically.
  • Try getting the powerful weapons like shotgun, rifle, sniper, rocket launcher during the combat.
  • Make a wise use of double guns to get more point.
  • Use Shield and a pistol or revolver because that  make a great defense as well as offense.
  • A Weapon like Rocket launcher is the most powerful weapon, if you know to aim and shoot.
  • A Weapon like Sniper Rifle and a killer sword is a great combination for long and short range encounters.
  • Melee will help you in giving an extra boost. 
  • The user could choose the map in the lobby where the players get ready. Try to clicking on the ‘Maps’ button to vote for the map.
  • Lower the shield weapon when the bomb is being thrown at you could save one’s life.
  • Switch to fist, if it is very close encounter as the weapons may not make a great effect.
  • Last, but not the least. Keep playing until you get good experience and compete with the opponents player. 
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