How to SEO in your Blog | Latest SEO TUTORIAL

 Hello, friends today we come with SEO TUTORIAL,how to seo in your blog, how to increse visitores in your blog what you do that come your blog in first page all trick and tips provide techgot team in this tutorials. So,First question in your mind what is seo SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION how to do it in your website or blog now start seo basic tutorials.  

SEO Tutorial 

 SEO tutorial provide advance and basic concept of SEO in your blog or website,in this tutorial provide basic knowledge about seo and it developed for professionals and beginners to learn and developed. in this SEO tutorial include all tips and tricks for search engine optimization,like off page optimization,on optpage imization and social media optimization and SEO tools ,SEO market tools ,white & black techniques,content research,SEo market research,how to search engine works all thinks are include in this basic tutorial. 

what is domain??

 domain is a identifiy a ip address,like domain name a have ip address "" is points to easy to remember rather than number only . 
The name of domain can not have more than sixty-three(63) characters excluding .edu .org,.net, .com, etc.
https is protocol
www is subdomain is domain & surffix

what is www(WORLD WIDE WEB)?

 in 1991 Tim Berners-Lee design WORLD WIDE WEB,it one type of book that hold all pages the page is connected that link called a move one page to another page sequenclly the www follows web of hyper link to visit page or its information.
it network online info include like picture,audio,web pages and online contents that formate html or link hypertext.
a client send request HTTP request to the web server to specific file,
webserver has contain webpages and file,web server send request file back to the client

file display via web browser.and it display information based html code in file.

Difference between Portal and Search Engine.

Search Engine 
Search Engine it allowed you to input some keyword and give desired output or list of item those matching just retrived page those related to keyword,some search engine are Google,BIng & YAhoo.!!
search engine-techgot


Portal is one type of Private location to point acess some information available on world wide web.a portal use through unique URLalso personal login are required to use portal,some portal are, and etc.

we will proivde advance tutorial of seo in our next tutorial,using that tutorial you can make your blog or website properly seo friendly.

Note:Remember All Tricks Only for the Education Purpose and is not intended to affect any company or organization or android developers, Techgot will not Responsible if any kind of damage occurs.!Thank You !


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