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SEO in google algorithm updates | Google Algorithm

hi friends today we discuses google algorithm that used to SEO your website,how to google used algorithm and which algorithm used and how it internally work that all things are discus it tutorial how to seo in your website so,lets start our seo tutorial.

Updates Of Google Algorithm. beginning in  90's mainly search engine work or focused on backlinks and keyword matching so,low quality website easy to high ranking thats targates exatct keyword have lots of backlink.
so,solve that problem used,google introduced algorithm to filter the result so that it could clean web.and google improve algorithm and efficinty search engine.
so,some algorithm updates given below:
2016 updates. penguin 4.0: penguin are annoused september 23,2016,in that few change like it part of algorithm.
Mobile Friendly Boost Updates: its launched in may 12,2016, to help friendly site on mobile.
2015 updates. panda 4.2: Google rollled out  panda refresh on the 17,july,2015 it has no immediate affecting ranking.

YouTube Go apk | V 0.26.67 beta

Today we are going to tell you about the brand new app YouTube Go or we should call some tweak version of official YouTube app. YouTube Go is now in beta test, but soon it will be available. As a part of Google India Campaign, last year in September Google announced that they will launch India-specific YouTube app which is YouTube Go. And they also said that they will launch in India first.
           So, It's time for YouTube Go. Yes, you heard it right google just launched new app which is YouTube Go. As I said earlier that it's now in beta test. So, you have to enroll for beta YouTube Go.
But there is a problem and that is you can't sign up for the app because the room is already full.
To download YouTube Go apk link is given below.

What is YouTube Go?
- YouTube Go is a app which is made for specially we Indians and it is similar to YouTube.
Why is YouTube Go?
- As tagline says " ab mazze udao, data nahii!!" which means now you don't have to worry…

Types Of SEO | How to SEO In Your Blog

Hi Friend Today We come Next SEO Tutorial it Cover Types Of Seo And How It work SO it TWo Types of seo 1.white Hat Seo 2. Black Hat seo.its post we learn how to seo in website what thing is good what thing are not good what content and what info is goood your site its all thing in post how to increse the ranking....Types Of SEO | How to SEO In Your Blog.

1.White Hat Seo
In The techniques which comply with search #engine guidelines are used to improve search engine ranking on .search engine results pages (SERP).its good seo.

The Unlike  Black Hat SEO, it main  focuses on the #human audience opposed to a Search Engine. People who are looking for a long-term investment on their websites rely on white hat SEO s Focused on providing quality and relevant content to the users in white seo.

And most It focuses on optimum used of the keywords in title, metatags and body of content in seo white hat.

see, step the White Hate Seo popular technique in below.

Good Content : in your w…