SEO in google algorithm updates | Google Algorithm

hi friends today we discuses google algorithm that used to SEO your website,how to google used algorithm and which algorithm used and how it internally work that all things are discus it tutorial how to seo in your website so,lets start our seo tutorial.

SEO in google algorithm updates | Google Algorithm

Updates Of Google Algorithm.

beginning in  90's mainly search engine work or focused on backlinks and keyword matching so,low quality website easy to high ranking thats targates exatct keyword have lots of backlink.

so,solve that problem used,google introduced algorithm to filter the result so that it could clean web.and google improve algorithm and efficinty search engine.

so,some algorithm updates given below:

2016 updates.

penguin 4.0:

penguin are annoused september 23,2016,in that few change like it part of algorithm.

Mobile Friendly Boost Updates:

its launched in may 12,2016, to help friendly site on mobile.

2015 updates.

panda 4.2:

Google rollled out  panda refresh on the 17,july,2015 it has no immediate affecting ranking.

Mobile-Friendly Update (Mobilegeddon):

It was rolled out on 21 April, 2015. It made mobile-friendliness an important ranking factor for mobile searches. Its job was to boost the rankings of mobile-ready pages so that quality and relevant content could be provided to mobile users.

2014 updates. 

Penguin 3.0:

that is update on 17 October 2014.

Panda 4.1:

its was 27th version of panda  released by Google On 23 sep 2016,search engine see poor content small size better ranking.


it rolled out in 2014 july,for local business  and that create closer tie between local and core algorithm.

Panda 4.0

This Panda update was introduced on 19 May 2014, to help small websites and businesses with limited resources.

2013 Updates

Hummingbird 1.0

It Google on 20 August 2013 to better understand the changing face of the Web. It was capable of understanding the intent of long search terms instead of just recognizing specific keyword. It helped Google recognize long-tail search terms and accurately rank answers to such long-tail keywords. It enabled users to ask questions and get appropriate answers.

2012 Updates


It 24th April 2012  introduce to target the spamming the search results by buying link using some other link networks designed specifical to boost ranking.

2011 Updates


it was launch  feb 24 2011,its job de-rank content.

2010 Updates


in june 2010, Google Updates caffeine algorithm introduce indexing system.

2009 Updates

Caffeine (Preview)

  Caffeine August 2009, Google released the algorithm it change integrated indexing.


that was introduced in February 2009.

2007 Updates


its introduced in june 2007.its search result of images and video.

2005 Updates


It was rolled out in December 2005. It was an infrastructure change that brought new technicalities related to URL canonicalization, redirects, etc. It helped Google to prepare for future developments.

2004 Updates


its update  february 2004.its improve google index LSI.


that was introduced on 23rd January 2004 and that it targeted meta tage stuffing.

2003 Updates


It was introduc in  16 November, 2003. It  significant change to Google's algorithm and put an end to the use of keyword stuffing to manipulate search engine results.


that  was introduced in July 2013. With this update Google changed its way of updating the index; now instead of indexing on a monthly basis, it started indexing on daily basis.


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