SEO in Design and Layout of a Website | how to SEO your website using layout

SEO in Design and Layout of a Website | how to SEO your website using layout

HI.friends,today we learn how to your website layout and design affect your ranking or your indexing Search Engine Optimization are work on layout and content how set images size and how heading,keyword keep real position all things are discuss this tutorial....

how to SEO your website using layout-techgot

1) Keyword Placement:

it target keyword place in right place on the page..text,header,headline,meta description and links  etc.proper keyword are placement is very important every page but its very important in to home,and use proper word for link:using a like "see more","read more" or "click her" use the word that describe its self.

2) Navigation:

navigation are important that make user friendly that user can easily find the desired content in less time,so move from one step to another simple and quickly.

some useful notes that make optimal your navigation.

1)make your nave in near top of the page.
2)add navigation in footer content.
3)add search button in top of the page 
4)don't modify the template that make your navigation are difficult.
its many thing are that it include and improve your site in seo.

 3) URL's and Filenames:

URL are very important that make optimized  the website easily identifiy follows below things.

1)don't use random number and letters in url.
2)minimize the length that easy copy and paste

the optimize the filename of  anyupload items like html,document,midea,image that use hyphen(-),underscores and space or plus sign to make its different.

4) Images:

image are important aspect of seo in your website follows tips for imges search engine optimization.
1)size of your images are small 30 or 100 kb and 72 dpi resolution are consider optimal search engine.
 2)image make place in context information on the pages .
3)use proper alt tags for the images as the search engine can only see word that not image.

5) Simplicity:

in that simplicity visitors come to find some complete information   so avoid some difficult design that not userfriendly some points to noted how make simple your website in seo.

1)your website in not add more colors,,maximum 5 colors.
2)choose readable font and its size use maximum three font type and three size that use seo,
3)avoid horizontal scroll and popup.
4)add suggestion plugins for help the user.
5)add  graphics if they help users perform specific action.


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